The Influence of an Enterprise's Corporate Social Responsibility and Brand Image Cognition on Consumers' Behaviour: A Case Study From Asus

Assignment Requirements: Dissertation


The assessment criteria that you should take into account when working on your dissertation are the following

The literature review: The dissertation provides a literature review, which critically evaluates relevant research and scholarship within the field of study.
The methodological approach: The dissertation describes how the candidate addresses a relevant research problem (or question) through the use of appropriate techniques and enquiry.
The findings: The dissertation describes, critically analyses and evaluates a solution to the research problem (or an answer to the research question);
The writing quality: The dissertation is written sufficiently clearly, it is well-structured presents successfully complex ideas to the reader.

In addition, I have another previous proposal, it’s the same topic but different case study, could you please refer to this one(literature review and methodology)


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