The influences of Rationalism and Empirism- Essay

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Both Peirce and Bacon argue that we must recognize and be wary that what they call the idols of the mind and the first three methods of fixing belief (tenacity, authority, a priori) prevent us from seeing the reality of the world as it is; i.e., the truth. Both of them ultimately advocate an empirical method, inherited from Hume, of seeking truth. At the same time, we also see parallels in the arguments of Bacon and Peirce to Descartes’ skepticism and his argument that in order to build a strong foundation for truth we must first critique our current beliefs. Trace the specific ways you see Descartes’ and Hume’s arguments influencing (or paralleled in) the writings of Bacon and Peirce. Identify the specific points of similarity in all four authors.

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