The Negro Dreams of Rivers by Langston Hughes pg.787

Assignment Requirements


Write a concise 250-400 word explication of one of the poems from the list below; all are in our textbook, Literature: An Introduction (7th edition) edited by Kennedy and Gioia. An explication is a very useful way to help unravel a poem’s complexities. A successful explication works through the entire poem line-by-line or stanza by stanza, rephrasing and then explaining the meaning of each section, and how each part contributes to the whole.

You may want to focus on particular elements of the poem, such as the words, the rhyme and rhythm, the voice, the tone, the symbols, the images or the rhetorical devices that make the poem meaningful to you. Feel free to use the introductory material on the elements of poetry from your textbook to assist you. End your explication by clearly stating the theme or overall message you get from the poem. Please identify the poem by its name, author, and page number in the first sentence of your essay. Please use MLA style when you quote material from the text or lines from the poem. Do NOT use references outside of our textbook.


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