The Nexus between organize crime and terrorist groups in Central Asia

Assignment Requirements




Date of initial enrollment (October or January cohort):

Student ID:


1. Proposed research question
(Supply a draft title for your dissertation. Make sure you are posing an analytical, not a descriptive, question – ‘why’, for example, is more analytical than ‘what’.)

2. Objective of the dissertation
(In one sentence, sum up what your dissertation is attempting to do.)

3. Aims of the dissertation
(Using short bullet points, outline what your dissertation will have to do to in order to reach your objective. Three or four aims are probably enough.)

4. Your dissertation’s position in the existing literature
(In approximately 300-400 words, briefly outline the debates that this dissertation will engage. What has been written on this topic previously? Are there different schools of thought involved? Who has said what, and when? Who do you agree with? Where will your dissertation fit into this literature? Don’t forget to footnote/cite each of your references.)

5. Bibliography
(Put your footnotes/citations from section 4, and possibly section 5, here. Only refer to sources discussed in these sections. )

6. Methodology
(In approximately 500 words, how will you go about this dissertation, meeting the aims and objective outlined above? What sources will you consult, and how and where will you do this? Where will you find relevant literature? What libraries/databases will you use? Do you need to do any fieldwork – questionnaire, interviews, experiments, etc.? If so, what form will this fieldwork take (Whom? How many participants? etc.)

7. Structure
(How will you divide up the presentation of your research findings? You should list your draft chapter headings in this section).

8. Research timetable
(Noting that the dissertation will need to be submitted in September, provide a timetable outlining when you will complete the various stages of your dissertation: e.g. the literature search, any fieldwork, each chapter, final draft, corrections, presentation, etc.. This may be presented as a series of bullet points, or why not use a Gantt chart?)


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