The potential online shopping factors affecting customers’ behaviour: a case study of Tesco

Assignment Requirements: Dissertation Chapter – Results


This is a completed dissertation and already submitted to the university. However, my supervisor asked for the 159 questionnaire hard copies. Since, the dissertation is completed by other writing company and they didn’t save the data collected for this dissertation. I need you to kind of restore the data of questionnaires based on the analysed results in the chapter 5. Basically, what I need is a conclusion of 159 questionnaireS results, like for Q1 how many people chosen answer A and how many people chosen answer B, etc. for question 10, how many people chosen agree, how many people chosen strongly agree, etc. You don’t need to write this in an essay format, actually you could just place the number of people chose for each answer next the answer in the questionnaire, as long as I can fill up 159 questionnaireS based on your marks/conclusion. As if my supervisor calculate the statistic(e.g sig. level) based on my questionnaires hard copies, the results should be the same as in the chapter 5. To have a better understanding, I’d suggest you to read through the dissertation. The very important point here is the consistency. Since the questionnaire is just 2 pages, and you’ll just need to place the number of people next to each answer, and this shouldn’t exceed 2 pages. That’s why I just placed 2 pages order here. If you need more, although I don’t think should just leave me a message with you reasons and please continue the working without waiting for my response, coz I might not available for all the following 12 hours. Once I received you message, I’ll complete the payment and by that time you should be able to upload the rest immediately. Please upload the 2 pages within 12 hours.


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