The Predicament of Pacifism: The Conflict of Islam vs Buddhism in Thailand

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Term Paper Proposal The assignment is a quick synopsis (2 pages) of my final paper topic that should focus on Islam and Buddhism sacred texts, in regards to the theme of war and peace concepts in their canonical texts. I would like to explore the conflict in Thailand between Islam and Buddhism practitioners. The paper should identify the following concepts: -Analyzing the terminology and theory of Jihad, and how the concept is often misinterpreted by the Islamic culture. -Muslims and the concept of Jihad being taken to the extreme through countless murders and discrimination against Buddhist devotees in Thailand. -I would like to analyze passages from the Quran of when to wage war, and what are the intent and motives of going after Buddhist groups, in correlation to their beliefs. -Identifying pacifism in Buddhism sacred texts towards war, and their beliefs of how to treat humankind. I want to integrate the Zen Buddhism concept or passage mentioning: “the sword that kills also giv