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Engineering student Bryan has a high paying summer job as a forklift operator. This job enables him to attend college without having to take out any student loans. He was now staring at a 50 gallon drum filled with used machine coolant, wondering what he should do. Just moments ago, Bryan’s supervisor, Max, told him to dump half of the used coolant down the drain. Bryan knew the coolant was toxic, and he mentioned this to Max. But Max was not swayed.

Max: The toxins settle at the bottom of the drum. If you pour out half and dilute it with tap water while you’re pouring it, there’s no problem.

Byran: I don’t think that’s going to work. Besides, isn’t it against the law?

Max: Look, kid, I don’t have time for chit-chat about a bunch of silly laws. If I spent my time worrying about every little regulation that comes along, I’d never get anything done — and neither will you. Common sense is my rule. I just told you –Toxins settle at the bottom, and most of them will stay there. We’ve been doing this for years, and nothing’s happened.

Byran: You mean no one’s said anything about it? That doesn’t mean the environment isn’t being harmed.

Max: You aren’t one of those “environmentalists,” are you? You college guys spend too much of your time in the “ivory tower.” It’s time to “get real” — and get on with the job.

Byran: But….

Max: Butt nothing. Its time to go and do the job. You know, you’re very lucky to have a good paying job like this, kid. In three months you’ll be back in your college. Meanwhile, how many other college kids do you think there are out there wondering if they’ll be able to afford to go back — kids who’d give their eye to be where you are right now.

Max then left, fully expecting Bryan to dump the used coolant. As Bryan stared at the drum, he pondered his options. What options do you think he has? What do you think he should do?

The Assignment:

This assignment is designed for the evaluation of all Goals covered in the Course Work (CW) of LSHMN243.


Case study:

The following case is selected to ensure that the discussion of which will cover all Goals covered in the CW. Read the given case and discuss the following specific points:


a-      Discuss all possible ethical pitfalls, i.e. situations where ethical dilemmas could arise as a result of misunderstanding, lack of management directions or deliberate evasions. To cover this part well you need to frequently refer to the course notes for Goal 1 (Ethics & Professional Practice)

b-      Discuss the way out of the ethical dilemma that is facing the main character in the given case, in terms of one of the ethical theories that are covered in Goal 2 (Ethical Theories), clearly demonstrating how the selected theory could help finding a way out of the ethical dilemma.

c-       Discuss how ethics in the workplace issues that were covered in Goal 3 (Ethics in the Workplace) could explain the reason for how such an ethical dilemma haven arisen in the first place and how such a dilemma could have be avoided.

d-      Discuss how the concepts of professional ethics and corporate responsibility that were covered in Goal 4 (Responsibility in Engineering) could be applied to the given case and how could such concepts help the main character in the given case finding a way out of the given ethical dilemma.


It is important to note that the assessment of the submitted work will be based on the following criterion:


Marks will be awarded based of how much reference the student makes to the class notes as well as to outside sources. Using their own words, students should make clear and frequent reference to the course notes, as well as to other resources from Internet or library. The aim of this assignment is to give students the opportunity to demonstrate the depth of their thinking when discussing the given topic, demonstrating the value of what they have learned during the course.





All submitted assignments will be sampled for plagiarism from internet sources using the SafeAssign software. All completed assignments are to be submitted using the BalckBoard Vista SafeAssign. As you already know, plagiarism could result in your expulsion from the HCT as well as the higher education system in the UAE. If you have to use the internet or other resources, cite the exact page reference.








Guidelines for Writing the Assignment:

a-      Criteria for writing a good essay:

  • Discuss the given case making frequent reference to the course notes to analyze the issue.
  • Apply concepts and theories from the course to the discussion of the given case and the ethical dilemma it raises
  • Show evidence of reading more than the course notes
  • Show good understanding of key concepts and ideas


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