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Assignment Requirements


The topic in the file with the instruction please read them carefully and if you have any question please email it to me

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The case study topic:-


1-      The Precautionary Principle: Protecting Public Health and the Environment

The origins of the precautionary principle can be traced to German clean air environmental policies of the 1970’s that were called for Vorsorge, or prior care, foresight, and forward planning to prevent harmful effects of pollution. Explain the meaning of the precautionary principle and how it can be implemented as a guide to public policy decision making in cases where humans can cause serious and widespread harm to people, wildlife, and the general environment.



LO 4 Case Study: The Market and the Environment Ethics:

The main objective of this case study is to assess student understanding of the market as well as environment ethics.


Course LO Covered: LO 4.


Project Weighting: 15% of course mark.



1. You may refer to internet/textbooks/articles, but you must not use the Internet to copy and paste. SaveAssign Program will be used to check your project work against plagiarism.

2. Your case study report must be neatly written, in your own words.

3. Strict adherence to the due date is a must.

4. Duplicated case studies will be given the corresponding penalty according to the HCT rules.

Case Study Reports:

Each group of students shall prepare a neatly written report and submit a soft copy of it through SafeAssign. The report should be clearly labelled with the report title and the names and ID numbers of the students in the group.



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