To Investigate the HRM of Apple Inc at China Foxconn Factories and the Increased Employees Strikes

Assignment Requirements


Hello, This assignment is the Major one.
please make sure to understand and give the fully attention to this assignment because it is important for me. First, I want you to write an essay (2000 words) depending on the Outline which I will upload after. Second, there is a Rubric for this assignment I strongly asking you to follow the highest criteria because I need to get full mark. Third, The instruction paper will be uploaded but please read it carefully I do not want you rushing it. Lastly, Please use proper sources and reliable from the link below (UOIT). Also, this assignment requires “” so make sure you use ur own idea and word.


COMM 1050U – Spring 2014




Formal Analytical Report




Develop a formal analysis of a particular technology or technical process. Your report should provide recommendations based on a comprehensive analysis (e.g., function, ease of use, impact on the environment, economic impact, organization impact, etc.). You need to first present evidence on the pros and cons of your chosen technology or process in relation to current practices and alternative. Then make a case for or against its adoption by your particular organization in the form of recommendations.

In this scenario, you and your partner are helping your boss or supervisor to make a decision regarding the merits of the technology and whether it should be adopted by your organization. You are the expert on the technology, but you must make your case in a way that a non-expert (Your supervisor and others in your “audience” can understand. Please review the marking guide carefully.) Your report should be 1,750-2,000 words in length. Word count does not include your “front matter” (e.g. title page, table of contents) or your “back matter” (e.g. bibliography and appendices.) The bibliography will be a list of the sources you used in your research.


You MUST properly cite in the text where you use your sources. You must use a minimum of five sources, including the following:

 One book

 One academic journal article (electronic or print)

 One reliable website (not Wikipedia or similar sites)

 One newspaper or magazine article (he article should be fairly substantial in length and content)


Your fifth source can be any of the above. You may use more than five sources.


NOTE: Online encyclopaedias, including Wikipedia,, and How Things Work, should be avoided in academic research. In general, encyclopaedias are not considered academic sources.


For help with citations visit:


Note: All engineering students will use the IEEE citation format.


Submit using Blackboard Assignment drop-box.

You MUST submit the follow:

1. Analytical Report Document (Word format)

The file you submit must have the following information, in the order shown, in the file name:

Group # – Last Name First Name (both partners) – Assignment Type

e.g., (Group #9 – Boujos Kristen & Smith John – Analytical Report)

2. Originality Report (pdf. format)

* Only one group member needs to submit the assignment files!


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