Trait and Factor Theory analysis and case study

Assignment Requirements


This paper is to be typed, to comprise approximately 6-8 pages, and to be submitted on time. You may choose any major career theory we are going to address in class (or choose your own favorite Career Theorist, to be approved by professor). Provide details on the theory concepts and how it applies to career and remains applicable today. Discuss how you relate to the theory. Provide a case study and apply the theory to that case study. Your case study must relate to client population discussed in class. (Ex: Career Development in Elementary, Middle School, or High School or Multi Cultural groups).

Student topics need approval by the professor. This is a scholarly paper, in full APA format with full citation support, in correct APA citation format. Short papers, (Note: 6 full pages of text is the minimum. Title page, table of contents [not required], abstract [not required], reference page, graphs, pictures, addendums, etc. are not counted toward minimum page requirements.) Late papers and papers with multiple grammar, punctuation and spelling errors will lose grade points. (See rubric attached)

Note: For all papers and assignments please include a full title page, with your name, school, class and assignment on this page. In addition, please staple all papers in the upper left corner and do not hand in assignments in any kind of folder or binder. All papers and assignments should be in APA format as much as is applicable.


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