Upload Assignment: Week 4 – Assignment: Leadership Theories

Upload Assignment: Week 4 – Assignment: Leadership Theories &…
Submit Assignment: Leadership TheoriesThis assignment involves writing a research paper on three major leadership theories we have studied the first three weeks of the course. One of the theories will be situational leadership. The other two are of your choosing.This paper will answer the questions: “What has been done?”, “Who are the basic authorities?”, “What are the basic schools of thought on this theory?” It sets your work into that context.This paper consists of the following headings:
Summary of theories: In your summary, you will be expected to describe which of your chosen styles you prefer and why you prefer it in an athletic administration setting. Why do you endorse this style?
A discussion and evaluation of the theories (including disputes and disagreements)
A minimum of 5 scholarly sources are required for this paper, cited in APA style.
Length: 8-10 pages (maximum) plus References page.