Using NVivo

Assignment Requirements


•Analyze the interview question responses that are added as an attachment to this order using NVivo and your developed interview questions and responses.

•Summarize the results of the open, axial, and selective coding (data analysis).

-In addition, explain crystallization, triangulation, and thematic generation, and how these are used in answering each research question in qualitative research methodologies (case study, phenomenology, grounded theory, ethnography, or narrative approaches).

In about 750 words, create an analysis report, including the following:

•The details of open, axial, and selective coding data analysis procedures related to interview question responses.

•Direct quotes and in-text reference support for all factual statements.

•Research question answers grounded in a discussion of thematic generation, crystallization, triangulation, or other common qualitative analysis procedures.

Note that your submission should follow APA rules for academic writing and referencing.


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