Week 5 Employee business law Discussion

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Topic 1:

Draft a company policy on use of the internet by employees.

Draft it in the form of a memo to employees.

Take into consideration the following issues:

1.  Is it realistic to believe that all personal use of the internet at work can be prohibited?  How do you deal with this?

2.  Do employees  have a reasonable expectation of privacy in, e.g., an email they might send at work? A website they might visit?  How could your policy deal with this?


Topic 2:

As the result of the company adopting a policy on use of the internet, a group of employees plan to meet to discuss a possible response to the policy.

Your boss comes to you as head of HR.  He knows you have personal friends among the employees who are perfectly happy with the policy you have drafted and circulated.

The boss wants you to ask one of your friends to attend the meeting and report back to you what the employees discussed.   You are then to report to the boss.  Are the employees happy with the policy?  Unhappy?  Is it too strict?   Not strict enough?

How would you respond to your boss and why?


[or, in lieu of No. 2 ”  The courts must constantly balance the privacy rights of employees again the need for employers to operate their businesses economically and efficiently.  Locate a court case where an employee privacy argument was rejected ( or one where it prevailed over the employer’s interests).  Briefly summarize the case and explain why you agree or disagree with the outcome”]