Assignment Requirements

The company of this case study is Wesfarmers Ltd, only need do part 3&4.
3. Evaluate the flexibility management has available in selecting the key accounting policies
4. Evaluate the accounting strategy employed by management in respect of each key accounting policy and suggest/identify possible incentives behind the choice of strategy. Remember that this is an
accounting assignment. Thus, you should not spend too much time discussing business strategy unless it relates to the company’s accounting strategy. By accounting strategy, we mean the approach taken by the company in preparing its financial statements. This approach involves accounting policy choices, accounting estimates and accounting disclosure choices.
*part 3 cannot be started unless part 2 is com pleted, and part 4 cannot be started until part 3 is substantially done.
I will upload the Part 1&2 of this casy study, annual report for Wesfarmers and a sample of other company,.

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