What is the level of education in UAE universities? Either public or private or both

Assignment Requirements


Outlines of Research project:

1. Cover page includes:
• The title of the project should be one to two sentences
• Submitted by: your names and numbers
• Supervised by: name of your Instructor
• College of Business Administration, 00000000000000000000000000000
• Date (Month, year)
2. Abstract includes
• Very brief description about the subject or background of the study.
• The source of data and analysis method
• Results
• Conclusions
3. Introduction: it includes
• A brief literature review
• The research problem and objective of the research
• Very brief conclusions
4. Materials and Methods: it includes
• Data (you are free to collect data by questionnaire, internet, journals, books, governmental and private institutes)
• Analysis (writing statistical measures, formulas, and methods which you will use in your research)
5. Results (it is preferred to be presented by tables, graphs, and charts)
6. Conclusions & Recommendations
7. References (at least 10 references): should be written as follows
-Paper from journal:
Coulton, C. J., Korbin, J., Chan, T., & Su, M. (2001) Mapping residents’ perceptions of neighbourhood boundaries: A methodological note.American journal of community psychology, 29(2), 371-383.
Cliff, A. D., &Ord, J. K. (1981) Spatial processes: Models & Applications. 2nd. Ed. London: Page Bros.
Note: you have to write the link of the reference, URL (web address) if you get it from the internet
8. Appendix (raw collected data and the questionnaire if applicable)

Important notes:
• The font size should be 12 (times new roman) except the title of the section should be 12 with bold.
• Each student in the team should have his/her hard copy of the project, and two copies should be submitted to the Instructor (one hard copy and one softcopy).
• The last date of your submission is on Wednesday of the 3rd. week (extension is not allowed).
• Any software can be used in the analysis.
• Softcopy must be send by email as a word file and the file name includes the course name& the first name of the students in the team.
• Research project should be not more than 10 pages.
• Research team must not exceed 5 students
• It is preferred to submit the project before 1-7-2014 (extension is not allowed)


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