Win-Win Flexibility reading log

Assignment Requirements


1 What problem is the author writing about?
2 What did you learn about the topic of workplace flexibility in the U.S. from reading the introduction that you didn’t know before reading Kornbluh’s essay?
3 What is Kornbluh’s thesis? What call to action does it express?
4 How does Kornbluh attempt to convince the reader that the problem she’s writing about is serious and needs solving? What specific information does she provide?
5 What solutions have previously been attempted or are currently in use to provide workers with scheduling flexibility or leave time? Why are these solutions not sufficient?
6 What solution does Kornbluh propose? List the details of her proposal in the chart below. Use your own words to describe the solution – don’t just copy passages from the reading!
Overview of solution:
Procedure for employee to request flex time:
Conditions upon which employee’s request would NOT be granted:
Requirements to which employer must adhere:
Who would be covered:
How companies would be encouraged to adopt flexible scheduling practices:

7 Choose one Read to Respond question AND one Read to Analyze Assumptions question from pp479-480 and write 1-2 paragraphs each in response.


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