Women in African Cultures

Assignment Requirements


Please answer the following questions:

1. How do the media view African women and African cultures?

2.What are the historical factors behind such depictions?

3. What are the main arguments raised in the following readings?

a. Ebere, Charles. 2011. Beating the Masculinity Game: Evidence from African Traditional Religion. CrossCurrents. 61 (4), 480-495.
b. Beoku-Betts, Josephine. 2005. “Contested Representations: Western Perceptions of African Women in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries.” And, Sudarkasa, Niara. 2005. “The Status of Women in Indigenous African Societies: From the Strength of Our Mothers.” In Andrea Cornwall. Readings in Gender in Africa. Indiana University Press (please note that Beoku-Betts, Josephine & Sudarkasa, Niara are 2 short combined readings in the same document).
c. Lewis Desiree. 2004. “African Gender Research and Post-coloniality,” In Signe Anfred (ed.), African Gender Scholarship: Concepts, Methodologies & Paradigms, CODESRIA Gender Series.
d. Morrell, Robert, Rachel Jewkes and Graham Lindegger, 2012. Hegemonic Masculinity/ Masculinties in South Africa: Culture, Power, and Gender Politics. Sage, 15(1), 11-30.


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