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Write an essay that analyzes the Harvard Business Review article by Peter F. Drucker – Managing Oneself. In writing the essay, you should show that you have answered the five questions:

  1. 1)  What are my strengths?
  2. 2)  How do I perform?
  3. 3)  What are my values?
  4. 4)  Where do I belong?
  5. 5)  What should I contribute?

Some personal inforamtion is mentioned below to help answering these questions



You may approach the task in many creative ways, but the final product should reveal your personal answers to these questions.



Also, feel free to pursue further information related to the topic at the library or on the Web.

Usually, the more info you have on a topic, the easier it is to answer the critical questions. Additionally, you will find that chapter one and chapter five in your textbook [Bohlander, G., & Snell, S. (2016). Managing Human Resources. (17th ed).] will help inform you as you endeavor to articulate answers to the questions posed in Druker’s article.



Your paper as a whole should be in essay form, including reasons and sub-reasons, and should have a coherent organization to it. Your writing should be such that the impact on the reasoning of your answers to the questions is clear. When you identify and discuss ambiguous terms and phrases and value and descriptive assumptions, it should be clear to the reader (me) how your analysis and evaluation influences the reasoning structure; that is, show how any ambiguity or assumption influences how you might react to the reasoning.


Be REFLECTIVE (Think deeply, engage in multiple rewrites, etc.), NOT REFLEXIVE. (By reflexive, I mean inserting the first ideas that come to mind. For example, when you find one assumption, always ask whether anything deeper has to be taken for granted for that assumption to be true. You may find a more profound assumption.)


Also, be THOROUGH AND PRECISE, and especially be CONVINCING. Do not make me have to read your mind.

Who is your audience? Assume you’re writing the essay for your next employer or a career development consultant. The audience is educated and intelligent but not willing to read your mind.


Criteria for Grading

  1. Your paper will be graded based on following this  rubric
  2. 2,000 words minimum
  3. Single-spaced
  4. Use one-inch margins all around and business-like fonts
  5. Your name should appear only on the title page of your paper, not on any text pages Use APA

    format (or other widely recognized style) for references and citations

  6. How well you have answered the questions as you’ve developed your critique? The visible and

    invisible components of the reasoning structure should shine through. Depth of thought is


  7. Selectivity of thought—are you identifying the most important ideas?
  8. Clarity and thoroughness of your essay. It’s easy to follow, and it’s convincing to the reader. The

    reader is not saying, “But why do you say that?” because you have already answered that question.

  9. Coherence of your essay; do the paragraphs work together as a coherent whole? Have you used

    transitional phrases to make your essay easy to follow? The reader should not be asking, “Now, what is that paragraph doing there?”


Personal info:


I am a previous teacher  for ten years, and now I am changing my job to go into HR. You could made up the rest