Discuss fitness tests or methods of evaluation that should be used to assess the client, providing rationale for your recommendations. Be sure to address the specific conditions presented by your client

Assignment Requirements


CLIENT PROFILE: Name:Chris Double/ Age:14/Gender:Male/Resting Heart Rate:70 bpm/Height:5’10″/Weight:120lbs/Body Fat%:11%
Chris is a high school student & is eager to gain some muscle mass. He eats a diet that consists primarily of processed foods(fast food,cafeteria,etc.) Chris is anxious to get stronger so that he can go out for the wresting team.
Sufficiently discuss your responsibilities as a trainer,include but not limited to a medical clearance. Establishing your Fees and Define the clients Goals
Also provide a detailed,comprehensive 12-weeks periodized strength & aerobic training program,include specific sets,repetitions and exercises,utilizing an integrated approach.


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